Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich Offers Workouts To Keep You Active

Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich Offers Workouts To Keep You Active

Wondering how to workout at home without having to step into a gym. Several people have gone with the options of making weights out of empty milk containers and sand, others have gone with just doing push ups each day. Kit Rich has released several tips on how to stay in shape, even while you’re making dinner. Kit Rich, a trainer who has worked out in the past with celebrities such as Jeniffer Lawrence and Kesha, has created a workout where you can workout while you are even making dinner. Kit Rich has also uploaded a 14-day workout on YouTube, that aims to strengthen your core to follow along at home.

Butt Lifts and Squats Are The Key

We are all looking to find the right workout to workout the gluteus maximus and burn several calories. Traditionally squats at the gym would have been the ideal workout, but without gyms there is a need to improvise. For a majority of these workouts you will need a KICHGO ball which could be purchased along with other KICHGO products under Kit Rich’s online shop at kichgo.com.

Exercise 1: Butt Lifts

For this specific workout you are going to hold onto the counter/sink, place a KICHGO ball behind your right leg. Next step is flex your right foot, left leg (standing leg) should be bent a little, tailbone under. Then you will pulse back and squeeze the ball; you will switch legs for 3 rounds total per leg.

Exercise 2: Squats

A squat workout Kit Rich gives is as follows. You will start by getting into a squat position up against the fridge (imagine sitting in a chair while your back is against the fridge).  You then want your entire back of your body connected to the fridge. If you have one, place a ball between your inner thighs, it is ok if you don’t. Then you will squeeze the ball 10 times or just imagine squeezing a ball if you don’t have one and alternate lifting heels 10 times each leg, and you will repeat until 1 minute is up for a total of 3 rounds.

Calf And Legs Workout To Make Your Legs Look Amazing

Exercise 3: Calf Raises

So for this workout you will use a KICHGO ball or an inflatable ball and put it between your inner thighs, you can do the workout without a ball as well. Feet should be parallel and hip-width apart and hold onto the sink or counter for stability. Then you will lift heels off the floor and squeeze glutes at the top and then drop down, you will continue for 1 minute.

Exercise 4: Standing Fire Hydrant & Knee Circles

After your calf workout you will go onto workout your legs with an exercise that Kit Rich calls the Standing fire hydrant & knee circles. For this workout you will hold onto the counter and pace the ball behind your right leg. Then you will take the right knee out to the side and lift the knee up and out to the right side. You will repeat this movement for 1 minute and then switch legs, 3 rounds total per leg. Then you will immediately go into knee circles, while still holding the ball and the right knee is out to the side, with 30 seconds in each direction.

Ab Workout To Strengthen Your Core

Exercise 5: Mountain Climbers

So for this mountain climber workout you are going to hold onto your kitchen counter or sink with your legs hip-width apart and get into an incline push up position. Then bring your right knee up to your chest towards your left arm and bring back down. Then you will switch legs and keep switching legs as if you are running for 3 rounds.

With this structured workout by Kit Rich, will keep you in shape at home and in between going to the gym.  Just stay positive, motivated, and remember to stay hydrated.

-By Ulises Rodriguez