SFV Massage & Spa’s premiere guide desires to promote the positive aspects of therapeutic treatment and health by taking a new approach that encompasses a wider span of people in the area.

We wanted to offer people the opportunity to experience the luxuries that massage therapy and other treatments provide. Our large audience targets some of the most health-conscious population. Our publication is available at major foot, holistic, and massage spas, aquatic gyms, medical spas, yoga centers, fitness gyms, hot spots, meditation venues, hotels, holistic shops, chiropractors, vitamin shops, acupuncture clinics, fitness events, and hair and nail salons. In addition, we offer SFV Massage & Spa at popular locations such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Ralphs.

  • Our publication reaches over half a million people monthly
  • We reach over 40 cities in the San Fernando Valley area with our distribution
  • All advertisers are automatically placed in our Vendor Listing online for maximum exposure
  • Advertisers can promote their business, contact information, and website which is placed in our magazine and featured online

Amongst our publication, SFV Massage & Spa represents everything a balanced body and soul should stand for. We aspire to inspire those who are seeking a new approach in the health world of wellbeing and tranquility for all. So lose the stress and come alongside us for a restoring journey!


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